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Album making online course

Start: April 26th 2022

Detailed video tutorials on creating a scrapbook photo album from scratch.

Here you will get a step-by-step tutorial of steps you need to take to enjoy the process and get an awesome album as a result.


This course is for those who want to create gorgeous albums with handmade binding and those who long to enjoy the process of scrapbooking.


Course Contents

What to expect of the classes:

— We are going to create a handmade binding for the album from scratch. It’s easy and everyone will succeed! I’ll walk you through every step.

— We are going to create beautiful compositions on the album pages. I’ll be explaining what is important.

— You’ll learn to create while enjoying the process.

— I’ll be teaching you to create additional pockets and flip-outs.

— I’ve prepared 8 detailed videos which will help you get a finished album in the end.

You’ll see me creating the album from scratch while filming the videos.

The videos are pre-recorded and have English subtitles.


  • Every lesson will have a detailed written task that will explain what you need to do.
  • Cutting templates
  • Photos of my finished samples
  • Photos of my process

The course result:

You have a step-by-step plan for creating a scrapbook album. You know what steps you need to take. You have all the sizes.

You can use this plan many times more after this course! You can apply these ideas to create with totally different materials and finally use up your stacks.

As a result of doing all the tasks set in the class, you will definitely get a finished gorgeous album.

How it works

The course starts on April 26th.

One new lesson will be posted a day.

You’ll need to open the class and watch a video. Then, you’ll need to do the assignment set during the lesson.

After that, you move on to the next lesson.

For additional motivation, I’m going to create another album and will be showing it to you.


What kind of album?

This is the album that I created from scratch while filming the videos for this course. You’ll get a very similar album! You only need to watch videos and accomplish the tasks.

Participation options:



8 video lessons on creating an album

6 months access

Step-by-step tutorial

❌ Zoom live at the end of the course: personal feedback on your finished projects





8 video lessons on creating an album

12 months access

Step-by-step tutorial

✔️ Zoom live at the end of the course: personal feedback on your finished projects



Author: Elena Morgun

I’m helping others learn how to create albums with ease and enjoyment!

Anyone can do it!

My students only need to have a desire to create. I will walk them through to the success.

I have a wide experience in teaching online and offline workshops since 2013.

3548 students are studying at my online school. They come from 28 countries.

I have held 225 face-to-face workshops in 9 countries.

I have created 7 different albums in 7 days and showed my students that it’s possible.

Only in 2021, have I created 38 albums.

I promote approaching creativity with ease and pleasure!