Online Classes by Elena Morgun

After completing the series of these classes you’ll be able to create

harmonious layouts with vertical and horizontal compositions and multiple layers!



What’s there in the classes:

– No boring theory! Only conclusions drawn from my 6-years experience and a hundred workshops!

– Definite steps you should take to create a successful layout.

– 7 classes with step-by-step video tutorials (with the extensive explanations in the text before and after).

– 10 versatile layouts!


Who can study here?

  • These classes will perfectly suit those who never tried creating a layout before, because I explain every step in rich detail. And I am answering the questions!

  • These classes will also perfectly suit those who already have an experience in making layouts. It’s always good to look on the same thing through somebody’s eyes, don’t you think? Besides, you can still find some new interesting ideas and tips.


Have you always wandered about those layers? How to make them look harmonious?
How to add some paints, but not to overdo it?
There are no strict rules. Only the ideas and principles I have drawn from my experience!


What do I teach?

  • I teach you not to copy ideas, but to understand why I take particular steps

  • I teach you to let go of fears and open up your imagination

  • I teach you to work with whatever materials you have. You don’t have to buy new stuff.

  • And I teach you to avoid mistakes!


How to enroll? Easy!

1. Press “Buy Now” and pay for the class

2. Inform me via email to your transaction ID number

3. Get your account activated and start the classes within 1 day upon my receiving your transaction ID number


Access: permanent
How: online step-by-step video tutorials (with written English explanations) . No downloading.

A forum for sharing and advice!



COST: $70 


One more of the layouts from the classes. Wanna learn to work in this style? Don’t hesitate! Purchase a class today!



To purchase the access to a particular class, you need to take just a few steps. You can pay directly with your Visa/ MasterCard. To do this

  • press the button “Buy now” near the class of your choice
  • You’ll see a pay system which will offer to fill in the data from your card: number, date, CVV code. I have used this bank system for quite a long time and I’m sure it’s safe.
  • You’ll get an sms (a text message) on your phone with a code to confirm the payment. You need to enter this code.
  • After the payment you’ll have a box to enter your email. You’ll get a check into your email inbox.
  • After getting a check contact me at and let me know the payment ID + the name of the class you want to take
  • You will get an access to the class within 24 hours from the moment I get your email with information about the payment.
  • For more details consult the page “How to Pay”


If you have any questions, feel free to email me.