Scrabookers and paper crafters, attention!

Masculine Album
Online Class

Online Class by Elena Morgun

After completing the series of these classes you’ll be able to create

an interesting scrapbook album with any theme!

Access: 24/7

What you’ll find in the classes:

1. Step-by-step video tutorials with English subtitles in HD quality.

2. Choosing the materials before starting work.

3. Working with Alcohol Inks tutorial. Ideas on how to add accents to the album with alcohol inks.

4. Detailed instructions on what steps I take, how and why.

5. My explanations how to create many-layered, harmonious, beautiful compositions

6. Soft fabric cover with a hard spine + neat corners. How to do it fast and easy

 7. I’ll teach you to create flip-outs with magnets, place lots of photos on the same page and make it still look beautiful and harmonious!
 8. The album has 10 pages with different compositions, which you will study.
These classes are for you, if:

1. You’d like to create a big scrapbook album. It can have any theme! Everything depends on the materials you choose.

2. You’d like to learn how to quickly put together harmonious, beautiful, many-layered compositions without a ton of expensive embellishments.

3. You need a strong motivation to finally make a scrapbook album for your father/ brother/ son/ boyfriend/ husband/ etc!

What you’ll learn

I created these classes to explain the album-creating algorithm. I am commenting every step: where, why, how and what I do. Using this knowledge and experience, you’ll be creating albums with no difficulties!

This masculine album can hold more than 88 photos, biggest sized 9*13cm.

I’ll be teaching you to find place for lots of photos on the same page. I’ll show how to add interesting flip-outs and pockets using small magnets.

I will be sharing my experience and teaching you to avoid mistakes!


elena_morgun-scrapbook-albumsElena Morgun 

Scrapbook and Mixed Media artist

My art is the essential part of my life and my every day is filled with it. I love choosing papers and embellishments, adding paints and pastes, filming video tutorials and teaching classes! I have been a part of many producer Design Teams, such as 7 Dots Studio, Blue Fern Studios, Lindy’s Stamp Gang, ColourArte, Sizzix, Prima Marketing Design Team. And I am also one of Finnabair Ambassadors.

My first classes I taught in June 2013. Since then I have held

113 workshops and classes
There were more than 900 attendies
I’ve been to 23 cities and 6 countries with my classes.

All of this gave me enormous experience, which I would love to share with you!


Classes are available online in the form of video tutorials with English subtitles.
Access: permanent
How: online video tutorials (no downloading)

A forum for sharing and advice (for PREMIUM users)!


How to enroll? Easy!

1. Press “Buy Now” and pay for the class

2. Inform me via email to your transaction ID number

3. Get your account activated and start the classes within 1 day upon my receiving your transaction ID number

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Online classes self-study

All video tutorials with English subtitles

Video 1. Working with Alcohol Inks Tutorial and ideas how to replace them with other products in this album, if needed.

Video 2. Choosing and preparing materials for an album

Video 3. Creating 10 pages with different compositions. My explanations on why and how I take certain steps

Video 4. Reliable handmade fabric binding

Video 5. Soft fabric cover + neat corners. How to do it quickly and easily

Accents with paints and stamping
Secrets, pockets and flip-outs in a masculine album




To purchase the access to a particular class, now you need to take just a few steps. It became possible for you to pay directly with your Visa/ MasterCard. To do this

  • Press the button “Buy now” near the class of your choice
  • You’ll see a pay system which will offer to fill in the data from your card: number, date, CVV code. I have used this bank system for quite a long time and I’m sure it’s safe.
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  • After the payment you’ll have a box to enter your email. You’ll get a check into your email inbox.
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