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Albums. New Discoveries’ Online Classes

I taught this class during my workshops 12 times! 223 students created their own unique albums during these classes!

This online class is the algorithm for creating any kind of album. I’d drilled every step innumerable times before. So here I’m sharing with you the result of my own experience. I’m showing you the steps to take to create albums fast and with harmonious compositions.

I’m teaching the main principles of composition I discovered for myself. I explain why I take particular steps and how you can do it otherwise, if you wish.

In these classes you’ll find:

  • detailed step-by-step videos
  • my explanations how to create harmonious compositions
  • my thoughts on choosing the products and saving up where possible
  • detailed description of handmade binding of my own invention
  • lots of flip-outs, pockets and secrets

The classes have English subtitles. You’ll be able to share your results and get some advice on the forums.

More than 2,5 hours of videos!


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